Types Of Plywood

Trees are the precious assets of Earth. With the growing human population, the number of trees has been reduced drastically. The use of wood in our life is very high, nearly everything around us has wood in form or another. But with the growing demand for wood, the wood is also getting scarce. This allows creating something synthetically that is derived from wood and provide equivalent strength of wood. The advent of plywood is a perfect example of engineered wood. The plywood is made by gluing several layers of thin wooden sheets. This help to reduce the utilization of wood but plywood offers good strength and appearance, nearly the same as wood. Also, the plywood can be produced in bulk which reduces the cost in comparison of wood. But the strength of plywood is also dependent on the type of wood used for making plywood. There are different types of plywood depend upon their application and utility. The use of plywood is widespread it is being used in construction, furniture, aviation and many more industries. The plywood from  Bismac Pty Ltd managed to replace wood in quite a good quantity. 

The different types of pf plywood are:

  1. Soft-wood: As the name suggests the soft-wood plywood is made of softwood like pine or cedar. The strength of this plywood is less than other types of plywood. It has wide application in the construction industry. Also, this can be used for flooring, shelving and for shed also
  2. Hard-wood: The hard-wood plywood is made of hardwood like oak, walnut or maple. Usually, the layers of wood are glued in right angle to each other that increases the strength of the finished wood. The hardwood plywood is used for making furniture, sports equipment and packing case
  3. Exterior Plywood: Exterior plywood is made to withstand rain, wind or dust. The glue used for gluing each veneer is water and weather resistant. This gives an extreme strength to the wood, which helps to build the structure that can resist water, strong winds or dust. The things made from exterior plywood can last for years and usually installed in outdoors. 
  4. Aircraft Plywood; This can be said as the strongest and the most durable type of plywood. The woods used in making aircraft plywood is mahogany or birch. The design of this plywood provides ultimate strength and flexible also, but it can resist heat and moisture. This is widely used for industrial equipment and to create structure needs to bear heavyweights such as aeroplanes, boats or furniture
  5. Structural Plywood: This is also is high strength plywood used supporting structure of buildings or frame of the building structure. They can be used indoors or outdoors but they can bear weights and resistant to harsh outdoor conditions.

The use of plywood is very common. There is the number of the plywood suppliers in Sydney which can provide various type of plywood but before electing any supplier, you should also be aware which type pf plywood will serve your need.