Varicose Veins And Its Treatment

The veins are an extremely complicated and important part of our circulatory system which are responsible for carrying deoxygenated blood back to our heart from our body. If anything were to happen to those veins then the overall function of body may change. Back in the days we could not even imagine operating them because of how thin they are. However, nowadays with the help of modern technology the sky is our limit. The latest image-guiding techniques have certainly enabled us to treat complications which we could not have imagined to in the past.

One of the most common vein related condition that people get treated on daily-basis are the varicose veins. They are extremely common with more than 20% of the adults in the world having them. There are a number of different problems varicose veins can cause, so in this article we will be looking at some of its symptoms which might indicate your need of visiting a vein centre as well as its most popular treatment method.

Symptoms of Varicose Veins

There are many different symptoms of varicose veins so this list is not going to contain them all, but normally some of the more common ones. The way these symptoms effect each individual may also vary so let’s check them out.

  • Decolourisation is one of the most common symptoms of varicose veins. The affected area is going to have a purplish and red colour.
  • Aching accompanied with intense pain is also a problem which most people face. Majority of the times it happens in the legs.
  • Your veins accumulate more blood than they are capable of so swelling may also be a seen in the varicose veins.

Non-Surgical Treatment through Sclerotherapy

No one likes the idea of undergoing a surgery and it can send shivers down the spine of even the toughest of people. Fortunately, nowadays with the help of modern technology in most cases of varicose veins surgical intervention is not required. There is a method called Sclerotherapy Mornington Peninsula which does not even require anaesthesia. In this method the doctor injects a solution in the varicose vein to scar it and in order to close it down. 

This is one of the most common procedure used to treat reliable varicose veins and if it is done right then majority of the times it is going to be effective.

Varicose veins can be extremely painful for some people. So, if you think you have this condition then make sure that you visit a good vein centre so the doctors there can properly diagnose you and determine the best course of treatment so you are able to live a pain-free life by getting your varicose veins treated through non-surgical means.